Transform how the world sees you and your events with an industry-leading mobile app. Revolutionise your event promotion, build a loyal customer base and future-proof your business.

don't get left behind

In the fast-evolving world of event promotion staying ahead of the curve isn't just beneficial—it's essential. You need to adapt, innovate and move fast. Because the event industry waits for no one. If you're not moving forward, you're being left behind.

relentlessly Grow your customer base and build your brand

Building a strong, loyal customer base and elevating your brand requires strategic action and relentless pursuit of excellence. With our industry-leading mobile apps, you're equipped to engage your audience like never before. This isn't just growth; it's transformation.

Make a customer for life with
in-App ticketing.

Enhance your ticket sales and build stronger customer relationships with our in-app ticketing feature. We integrate directly with your existing ticketing provider, transforming every ticket sale into a building block for deeper engagement.


Push notifications empower you to reach out to your audience directly, bypassing the noise and delivering your message straight to their phones. This means your latest updates, special offers, event galleries, and event announcements can cut through the clutter. So your audience never misses what’s important.

Keep all eyes on your app with galleries.

Keep your audience engaged with event galleries, exclusive to your app. Remind customers of great times, or show them what they missed. And encourage them to share your photos with friends. To drive app downloads, boost ticket sales, and grow your community even more.

Not just events. share updates that matter.

Build hype and stronger relationships with your audience. Use Updates to send exclusive offers, last minute reminders, and important info straight to their phones. Share whatever you want, directly with your customers, whenever you need.


With your own app you’re always front and centre. Your brand and your events will be on home screens and in push notifications.  Always in your customers’ minds. And only a tap away.


Guided by world-class app specialists, we streamline your journey from start to finish, ensuring a seamless and stress-free process with expert support at every step.

1. Secure Your Spot

Due to the premium nature of our service, we only build a limited number of new app builds each month. Secure your spot by applying now and embark on your app development journey with us.

2. We design and build

Our team transforms your vision into reality with unmatched precision and creativity. Tailoring every pixel to your specifications, we develop an app that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

3. Launch YOUR APP

Experience the excitement of your app’s launch. Our team guarantees a smooth and seamless release across all major app stores, ensuring your app is ready for your audience.


Pricing is simple. We offer a one-time build fee coupled with a  recurring subscription of just £80 per month (+ local taxes).The subscription covers everything your app needs to thrive. Unlimited downloads, events, tickets, galleries, and push notifications. It's an all-inclusive package designed to keep your app at the forefront of engagement and innovation.

Fixed Price
Elevate your brand's app experience with our Pro tier. A semi bespoke offering, completely styled to match your brand, Pro offers:
A fully bespoke colour palette
Personalised typography with Google Fonts
Unique card design styles for an enhanced look and feel
Built for both iOS and Android app stores
Starts at
For brands that seek the pinnacle of app design and functionality, our Enterprise tier offers a truly individualised experience:
Tailored from scratch: Your app, your vision.
Comprehensive bespoke design service: Every element crafted to your preferences.
Personalised typography with any fonts.
All the power of Pro, but with limitless customisation.

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Stand out from the crowd and level up your events with your own beautifully crafted app for iPhone and Android.